Nitendra Gautam

BigData Development

Internet of Things

Internet of things(IoT) is a concept in which different physical devices, vehicles , smart devices/connected devices, buildings ,sensors Read More ›

Devops Tools

Linux Networking Commands

Linux is a family of free and open-source software operating systems built around the Linux kernel. Read More ›

Devops Tools

Linux Admin Commands

Below are the list of Linux Admin commands useful Process Monitoring commands. Read More ›

Apache Spark Development

Introduction to Apache Spark

What is Apache SparkApache Spark is a distributed, in-memory and disk based optimized open-source framework which does real-time analytics using Resilient Distributed Data(RDD) Sets. Read More ›

Database Development

NoSQL databases

Non Relational or NoSQL Database is a data storage system that was designed for unstructured data which does not follows a ACID property like a traditional RDBMS . Read More ›