Nitendra Gautam

BigData Development

Big Data techniques applicable in Agriculture

Technology used in agriculture has continued to grow since the early 20th century,when the industry shifted from horse-drawn plow to mechanized tractors. Read More ›

Database Development

Managing Data Quality in Relational Databases

Accurate,consistant and timely available data in a a Relational Databse are essential to the management of organization today. Read More ›

Database Development

Database Normalizations

Most of the modern day organization consists of multiple data sources which consists of multiple databases with complex data structures. Read More ›

Database Development

Introduction to Slowly Changing Dimensions in Database

A dimension in a database is a structure that differentiates between different sources of data so that similar information can be grouped together. Read More ›

Hive Blogs

Running Hive Queries using Shell scripts

When working with Big data platform like Apache Hive, certain task such as data ingestion/data preparation task needs to be scheduled daily so that downstream application can get the new data everyday. Read More ›